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MD Exam combines the latest medication, proven coaching, and modern technology to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

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How it Works

Take your first step with MD Exam.
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Fill out intake & Get Qualified

Provide your medical history, current conditions and answer our psychological screening questions for us to build you a custom plan.

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Select Your Medication

Depending on your medical history, what you qualify for, and how much weight you're trying to lose, our team will recommend a program to you. You decide if you want it, and get started.

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Start Your Journey

Our doctors review your chart, message you with any follow up questions. You get immediate access to your portal and medication arrives in 1-3 weeks. You're well on your way to your goal!

Why MD Exam?

There are many weight loss solutions out there, and most of them don't work. What makes MD Exam different from the rest? We pride ourselves on providing affordable, high quality weight loss to everyone.

What you get

Monthly Rx delivery
Patient portal
Advanced calorie and nutrition tracking
Online support group
Dedicated support
Exercise + Habit change program
Lose Weight, Feel Great guarantee

Our Drug Programs

We have a variety of programs available, depending on which medication you would like, and what our doctors recommend for you.

Game Changer Program

Our game changer program is based around Semaglutide, a highly effective GLP1 drug.

GLP1s work by interacting with the hormones that make you feel hunger, and make you feel full faster.

Game changer is available as a weekly injection or as an Oral Dissolvable Tablet (ODT).

Ultimate Program

Our ultimate program uses Tirzepatide, the strongest weight loss drug on the market.

It combines the effects of GLP1s with GIPs, leading to powerful appetite suppression and a radically different relationship with food.

Our doctors recommend trying Game Changer before switching to Ultimate.

Classic Program

Our classic program is an effective kickstart to weight loss

It utilizes a proven 40+ year old weight loss drug.

Combined with a healthy diet and increased water intake, patients see some reasonable, immediate weight loss.

What do our patients say?

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Maitee Q

Coral Gables, FL - Game Changer

“My name is Maitee and so far I’ve lost 15lbs. I have more energy and clothes that I had not when in a while are finally fitting. ”

Anna O

Jasper, AL - Game Changer

“After having kids, I gained a ton of weight. It always fell right off after, until I got older. No matter what I did, what worked before wouldn't work again. After trying MD Exam, I've lost 20 lbs in under 4 weeks. The customer service has been wonderful, any time I've had any issue, they do whatever they can to make things right.”

James M

Detroit, MI - Ultimate

“I've lost almost 40 pounds in 3 months with MD Exam. My relationship with food has totally changed, and I feel like I'm in control of my life. My girlfriend loves how much more energy I have, and all of the guys at work want to know how I did it.”

Frank C.

Kendall, FL - Game Changer

“Very simple, I've been challenged my entire life with keeping my weight balanced, after several other company's I ran into MDExam and beside the great service all around, I have lost over 17lbs in 6 weeks. Semaglutide is the real deal, wasn't a fan of the shots, but the results have been well worth the little 1 time a week short. Thank you guys for all the help and support in helping me in my journey.”

Looking for work ?

Whether you're an MD, RN, wellness coach, or genius programmer, we're hiring. Our mission is to help people lose weight and feel great!